• Schlenk glassware and vacuum/argon manifold
  • Büchi Glas Uster Miniclave® glass autoclaves and ethylene line
  • Jacomex glove box with inert gas purification module
  • CEM Discover® microwave reactor with CoolMate simultaneous cooling device
  • Varian 3900 gas chromatographs equipped with capillary columns

Equipment available

The Laboratory of Catalysis is fully equipped for carrying out experiments under strictly controlled atmosphere (argon, nitrogen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ethylene, hydrogen). Glove boxes, Schlenk glassware, and vacuum/gas manifolds are used for working at atmospheric pressure. A wide range of glass and steel autoclaves are also available to perform reactions under medium or high pressure. Microwave-assisted syntheses can be run using a monomodal microwave reactor equipped with a simultaneous cooling device. Quartz reactors are available for photochemical irradiation.

For separation and analyses, the laboratory owns and maintains four GC instruments equipped with a variety of chromatographic columns.

Shared facilities

The Laboratory of Catalysis has direct access to major instrumentation available within the MolSys Research Unit or in other fellow laboratories at the University of Liège. Shared facilities include: